Ice Cold: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel (Rizzoli & Isles Novels) by Tess Gerritsen

Ice ColdReviewed by Allen Hott

Tess Gerritsen is certainly capable of taking readers on mind-boggling jaunts as she uses Detective Jane Rizzoli and Boston Medical Examiner Maura Isles as primary characters in another exciting mystery.

This one is really far reaching as it all begins with Isles away from Boston on a medical conference in Wyoming. As usual she is having man problems in her love life so this break might bring her around to what should she do with her secret love affair with a priest. However knowing Gerritsen and Isles and their modus operandi chances are in a future story Isles will again be having problems with some man in her life.

However none of that interferes with an interesting story concerning the wilds of Wyoming and the folks who live there. Not all of them are law abiding and as a matter of fact the ones in this story are trying to be but to abiding to their own laws or at least those of their leader.

Isles meets Doug, a man at the conference (you knew that though right?) and goes off with him, his daughter, and two other of his friends. They are off to see the mountain scenery and spend one night in a ski resort enjoying a respite from the seminar. The adventure seems to be tame and just a lot of fun with escorts so no hanky-panky.

However once they get into the mountains the weather turns very winter like plus they soon are lost in a very desolate area. They do manage to find shelter in a house which is one of nine others in a neighborhood like setting and all of which are empty. They appear to have had residents though recently as there is food in most of the homes, cars in garages, and windows standing open even though it is very cold and snowy.

When they attempt to get out the next morning their vehicle slides off the road and the other fellow with them ends up with a serious leg injury. They have to retreat to the somewhat mysterious neighborhood. After realizing they are in a very bad situation Doug decides to head back down the hill on skis while the others stay put and stay warm thanks to fireplaces and plenty of wood.

After several days of waiting and no return of Doug, Isles decides she too had better take off to try to get help. And with that Gerritsen begins getting into the spooky part where individuals show up trying to do harm or at least keep the new arrivals away from some parts of the area. Isles has more trouble to deal with than she ever anticipated but she still believes that at some point Rizzoli will come onto the scene and help her out.

But there is a whole lot going on before that ever happens. Gerritsen has built quite a story with many things happening that in real life could happen! She is a great story teller!

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