I Know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen

Reviewed by Allen Hott

I Know a SecretQuite a story again from Tess Gerritsen! Not only are there murders but gruesome acts after these murders! Hard to believe that people could be capable of taking out a dead person’s eyes nor could they be capable of shooting arrows into a dead man’s chest!

But that is what has happened and now Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, police detective of Boston PD and county medical examiner respectively, have quite a job! But first off the reader needs to realize that Jane’s mother is about to leave her unfaithful father after many years and also that Maura’s real mother who is locked up for many vicious crimes is bugging Maura over and over. Maura was raised by a different woman and her husband but Maura still feels something for her homicidal physical mother and has some feelings. Gerritsen brings personal events into her heroines!

Gerritsen puts a lot of different stories into her books and she constantly brings in various characters who begin talking (usually to themselves) about happenings in the book they are in. It is very interesting although sometimes the reader has to kind of go back and look over or at least think through as to who could this person be.

Traveling along with Rizzoli is also very interesting as she definitely works all aspects of a case. She has a sidekick, Barry Frost, who is very good but as we learn in this one he doesn’t have a great stomach for some of the killer’s shenanigans. But as a team they dig deep into not only why someone would do these things but also who is that someone.

As this story moves along more and more things seem to point to perhaps something that happened years ago when a lot of the folks being looked at were youngsters. It also turns out that there were a few things that happened way back then and even a child who turned up missing. Why or how she turned up missing hasn’t ever really been solved.

Witnesses, with not only thoughts about this case but some who also have thoughts about those old cases, do bring in some interesting items also.

The title I Know a Secret does in fact play somewhat of a part in the ending of this story. And as usual Gerritsen has written a great novel that is waiting to be read…………by you!!

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