Hush by Kate White

hushReviewed by Teri Davis

Lake Warren has an uncanny sense of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. First, her husband becomes distant and then wants a divorce. Now, he wants full custody of their two children. Is this the best time to be attracted to another man? Well, Dr. Keaton is attractive, attentive, and a fertility doctor. Who will find out?

This one-night-stand is romantic and exciting for Lake. She awakens to find out that she fell asleep on the penthouse terrace. However, when she awakens and reenters the apartment, she discovers that the doctor is dead. His throat was slashed. In a panic, she grabs her coat, clothes, and frantically leaves. Now, how do you contact the police without admitting that you were at the apartment?

Lake is conflicted by missing her children who are at camp and feeling the need to check on them. She also is uncomfortable about her soon to be ex-husband. Why does he need to keep getting things from her apartment? Is there a new woman in his life?

Lake works as a marketing consultant for a fertility clinic. Lake’s job is to discover better ways to promote this clinic. What makes this clinic special? The more Lake learns about the clinic, the more she becomes suspicious that something is not right. Was the doctor killed because of something at the clinic? Why does there seem to be an undercurrent of secrecy?

Her only outlet to relax is Molly, Lake’s friend. Without the kids around and just work, Lake feels the need to reach out to Molly. However, Molly doesn’t seem to be available when Lake has free time. What’s going on? Molly is usually available. Why the change? Molly doesn’t admit to having a new boyfriend, but she is really pushing Lake to find a special man.

Now someone is following Lake. Who is this? Why? Is this because of the divorce, the murder, or the clinic, or something else?

The action in HUSH is non-stop. This is a fast-read that easily could be read in a night. You can’t put the book down once you are inside this story. The characters and action are believable. You truly feel that you are Lake Warren.

Kate White is the editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine and has worked with other magazines such as Glamour, Child, Working Woman, and Redbook. She lives in New York City with her two children and her husband. She was written WHY GOOD GIRLS DON’T GET AHEAD BUT GUTSY GIRLS DO, 9 SECRETS OF WOMEN WHO GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT, and YOU ON TOP in the nonfiction category. In fiction she has written IF LOOKS COULD KILL, A BODY TO DIE FOR, “TIL DEATH DO US PART, OVER HER DEAD BODY, and LETHALLY BLOND.

This is not recommended for recently divorced single-mothers. If you want to read a good, fast-paced mystery, read HUSH.

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