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Hour Game by David Baldacci (Review #3)

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Not quite what I expect from a David Baldacci story but I am sure that it will appeal to many readers. Theoretically there is one killer out there.He is leaving signature items to show that he did the dirty deed and that more will come. However as the story rolls along it appears to be more of a tale (long winded at that) of one family that not only is incredibly rich but also very twisted up in behavior.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, who are now working as private investigators, are hired to do some investigating into a somewhat bizarre burglary. However even before they can get into that several murders occur and bodies are left in somewhat mysterious states. Not only are they wearing watches but altered faces. Each watch has just one dial still on the face of the watch. The first body appears to be wearing a watch with a dial pointed at 1 and then as they find more bodies the dial begins climbing to 2, 3, and so on. However also on several of the first found bodies they dial is not directly on the one but about a minute past it.

There are other strange items left around the corpses as if to give clues to the finders of the bodies. But they later prove to be somewhat worthless as there are other more important items that develop with each found body.

The investigation that King and Maxwell were hired to get involved in now becomes more of a true criminal murder investigation. And because of the financial status of the family involved not only the police but even the FBI get involved. But as is usually the case the private investigators do most of the work and use their official government legal partners only on a limited basis.

As the story moves along many weird things about the family begin appearing. Things like who was sleeping with whom, and who is really the father of some of the children. Also what actually caused the death of one of the youngest sons whose closest brother becomes pretty much the main character of the whole book. Not only what caused the boy’s death but who knew about what all was going on to have caused that death.

It is somewhat difficultt to follow along in this investigation. A rich and famous family that has been and now is still being torn apart by some strange happenings. And it all adds up to murders and more for our investigators to sort out.

Overall a pretty good read but very, very long and also populated by a tremendous bunch of characters. Not the usual Baldacci work but still worth the reader’s time.

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