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Ghost Month by Ed Lin

Ghost MonthReviewed by Book Bug

It’s Ghost Month in Taiwan.

Beginning in August each year, Ghost Month honors deceased ancestors.
Incense and money are burned. People visit shrines and temples. Large purchases are scarce. Bodies of water are avoided.

Jing-nan runs a night market food stall. Unknown Pleasures sells hot fried food and steaming soups. It’s a family owned business. It has stood the test of time for decades.

Julia, Jing-nan’s long time love and high school sweetheart, is found murdered.
She was working as a scantily-clad betel nut beauty.
Why was this educated wholesome good girl working as a lowly servant selling betel nuts to dirty old men?

Julia and Jing-nan have known each other their whole lives. They were destined to be together forever. Jing-nan insists they have no contact AT ALL until he’s finished college, employed and ready to marry her.

They each head off to college in different parts of America, Jing-nan in California and Julia in New York.

After Jing-nan’s father dies, Jing-nan quits college and heads back to Taiwan. He’s been back for awhile when he finds out about Julia’s death in the newspaper. No contact at all for 7 years. He wasn’t even aware she was back in Taiwan.

The police aren’t investigating her death. Julia’s parents ask Jing-nan to find out anything he can about her death and her secret life.

Jing-nan contacts old classmates of theirs to find out what they know, if anything.

Jing-nan has dangerous people watching him. His life is threatened.

Why did Julia die?

I enjoyed this book. It was super easy to follow. The main characters are easy to get to know and like.

The ONLY thing I didn’t like was the book is EXTREMELY detailed. Everything is explained in vivid never-ending detail. I WOULD recommend this but I give you fair warning.

Before writing this review today, I found out today, August 10th, is the start of Ghost Month for 2014.

Very cool how I finished it today. =)

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