Friction by Sandra Brown

Reviewed by Allen Hott

FrictionA very interesting read for the most part. Pretty involved storyline about a Texan Ranger who is more than somewhat “quick triggered”. Not necessarily in shooting someone but in his normal response to any type of challenge. Crawford Hunt has developed that reputation and many like it but others do not.

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Most recently is when he took down a drug lord when others appeared to not be overly anxious to get into the fray. But now it may all come home to haunt him as he is in court to get sole custody of his five year old daughter, Georgia. Since her mother’s death her maternal grandparents have shared custody and the grandfather is attempting to get full custody mainly because he and Crawford have never gotten along. His theory is Crawford would damage the girl by quick actions.

As the courtroom drama is going on, a somewhat costumed man with a mask charges into the room and fires off a pistol. Everyone assumes it to be aimed at the judge but after hitting and killing the bailiff the gunman attempts another shot. But Crawford knocks him away and inadvertently kicks him in the shin as Crawford dives in front of the judge’s bench. That kick is a necessary act later on!

Without a second thought and as quickly as it can happen Crawford begins to chase the escaping shooter. After chasing him all the way to the rooftop Crawford spots him across the roof and begins to try to talk him down. Luckily just as the gunman begins to hone in on Crawford with his pistol a police sharpshooter from across the alley shoots and kills the gunman.

Later Crawford and Holly Spencer the female judge relate their accounts to the police. They also are somewhat mystified that the man who was shot on the rooftop was not in fact the shooter!

The lead police officer, who has known Crawford since they were young boys, immediately determines and states that Crawford’s “grandstand maneuvers” have done nothing to help the case. He wants to keep Crawford from working the case but the chief disallows his efforts and seeks Crawford’s help.

The closeness of the investigating and testifying then bring a special type of bond to Crawford and Holly. This closeness continues to build as the story goes along. For many readers including myself the over amplified sexual happenings between the two are a real negative to the story. Could have been omitted very easily or dealt with in a different manner.

The real story is not about their sex but about the actions involved in the shooting and the ongoing battle of Crawford for his daughter. Those things in themselves make for a great tale. Regardless Friction is a great read with lots of action and a story that holds the reader’s interest to the very end. Great tale!

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