Fractured by Karin Slaughter

Reviewed by Allen Hott

FracturedQuite a story that illustrates not only how cops work but also how criminal minds work while they are plotting some of the terrible crimes that they perpetrate.

It begins with the Campano family being pretty well torn apart when the mother comes upon a crime scene and sees what she believes to be her daughter, Emma, in a horrible condition with a young man hovering over the girl. The mother, with tremendous force powered by her feelings for her daughter, overtakes the man and stabs him to death.

When the police come on the scene they find that the girl was not her daughter and the man was not the assailant! It turns out that the young man was a boyfriend of her daughter. He had earlier come into the house looking for the daughter, his girlfriend.

However someone else had raped and killed this unknown girl, partially attacked the boy, and had in fact kidnapped Emma Campano. The dead girl was a friend Emma’s who had been visiting. So now the police have to find Emma, the kidnapper, and also figure out how to handle the murder of the dead boy by Mrs. Campano.

Into the big picture comes Will Trent of the GBI with his supervisor, Amanda Wagner. Amanda is a perfectionist and Will has many learning difficulties so they do not mesh well although somehow they manage to solve cases. Amanda does, however, decide to bring in a partner, Faith Mitchell, to work with Will on this case. Although the two newly joined cops don’t start out well together they end up doing a bang-up job on this case (and I believe readers need to look to the duo in the future).

As the story develops there appears to be some type of connection with one of the teachers in a local high school and also strange activity with a local company that makes copies and develops films. Exactly how this all comes together is interesting and does take a lot of leg work and in the case of Will (the cop with the somewhat slower learning abilities) a lot of digging and trying to figure out all the connections.

Luckily for the police and for the story line Faith Mitchell does do quite a bit of work assisting Will. And Will also turns out to be very well developed in many other aspects of investigating.

Karin Slaughter has been writing interesting stories, mostly about crime and mostly in the state of Georgia, for some time. She does a great job of keeping the interest of the readers and making you want to keep going to the end. Great read!

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