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Fade Away (Myron Bolitar Novel) by Harlan Coben

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Myron Bolitar has been one of the main characters in several of Coben’s books and in Fade Away he again comes to the forefront. The last team Bolitar played for (he is/was a pro basketball player) was the New Jersey Dragons owned by Clip Arnstein. Clip now has called Myron and asked him to not only find Greg Downing, a top Dragon player, but he also wants Myron to rejoin the team in Greg’s spot. Myron had never actually gotten to play in any regular season games due to his injury.

Strangely enough Greg was the cause of Myron’s severe injury which caused him to quit playing. But now Greg is missing and Clip needs help. He feels Myron as an investigator could be a help in finding Greg but also help as a former player returning to the court. Myron decides to give it a shot although he is very leery of his ability due to the injury.

Win Lockwood III, who has been Myron’s friend for a very long time, decides to jump in and help Myron out. What they discover is that a mysterious woman had left a message for Greg arranging a meeting on the night he vanished. Then they find the woman not only was blackmailing Greg but she has since also been murdered.

It also is discovered that Greg has been involved in a dispute with his wife over the custody of their children. And that wife, Emily, is a former girlfriend of Myron’s. All of this time most people believed that Myron took Greg’s place because Greg was just injured but now a news reporter, Audrey Wilson has found out that Greg is in fact missing. She talks with Myron about helping him find Greg. Then there are rumors of Greg hiring someone to follow his wife and several happenings show up on tape to implicate yet another woman.

Myron is then contacted by a group who offer to sell him information about Greg and his many gambling activities. It turns out that this is strictly a blackmail scheme which had been going on between the group and Greg.

Audrey and Myron meet up with the blackmailer. And it turns out that Audrey shoots the man claiming that he was about to shout Myron. It all kind of comes to a head when Myron does in fact get Audrey to confess to killing another blackmailer who had found out that Audrey was in fact pregnant with Greg’s child.

Now that the blackmail schemes and murders have been solved Myron and Win begin working on the entire episode involving Clip and the Dragons.

Once everything in that area is resolved Myron finds out about whom all was involved and why his injury took place he goes home content. Yet he is extremely remorseful that he did not get to really fulfill his dream as an everyday pro basketball player.

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