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End Game (Will Robie Series) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

End GameWill Robie and Jessica Reel, two of the top secret agents working for the U.S. government, are in it again. And this time they have to stay in the states and find their immediate superior.

However the book starts out with Robie battling a group of bad guys in Europe and Jessica doing the same in Iraq. Neither one have a problem doing that as it is their training.

But shortly after getting back they are given the information that Roger Walton, known as the Blue Man, their immediate superior is missing. It seems that Walton had gone back to Colorado where he lived for years while he was growing up. This time on his trip back he suddenly disappeared.

The area in Colorado today is pretty much inhabited by ne’er -do- wells. There are neo-Nazis, skinheads, and other slightly different groups of people settled in here. These folks appear to be battling each other but also causing some problems in the area. It hasn’t been enough to put anyone in jail but recently it seems that some folks have come up missing. And among that group of missing persons is Roger Walton!

The local law enforcement consists of a sheriff and a deputy. They do not appear to be too anxious to do anything as long as the laws are not broken. But on hearing of the missing FBI agent they immediately join up with Will and Jessica to help in any way they can.

It doesn’t take long for the detective duo to start finding out some things but to also quickly get sideways with some of the area’s troublemakers. Pretty much standard in Baldacci’s books involving these two, however they quickly react and several folks are killed in a gun battle. How that all comes about is one of the highlights of the book and is a typical Baldacci happening! He is the master of developing these events.

As the story moves along several interesting characters get involved and a really great look into what happens to some government equipment after it has outlived its usefulness. In this case it turns out to be abandoned silos that were built in Colorado for launching missiles in case they were needed in time of war.

It seems now that at least one of them in this area of Colorado has been purchased by a wealthy individual who has converted it into a doomsday retreat.

His idea is that if and when another war or some type of doomsday event happens those with enough money will want to move into his beautifully redone silo for protection. It is all planned out and he is selling apartments to the very rich in preparation for the possibility of doomsday. That way they can stay away from the riff-raff who will be roaming and terrorizing the streets.

His silo and another close by then begin to play into the story line as Will and Jessica try to find not only Walton but also others who appear to have been taken as prisoners or something. Where are the missing one’s going?

All things point to the silos but which one and who all is involved and why?

Baldacci builds and builds this story with various twists and turns keeping the reader into the action all the way to the end. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of surprises except somehow the way it is written one has to wonder if this is going to be the last Will Robb and Jessica Reel endeavor by Baldacci. We will have to wait and see!

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