Edge: A Novel by Jeffery Deaver

EdgeReviewed by Allen Hott

Edge is where readers are sitting as they read this Jeffery Deaver thriller. A completely different scenario as “Corte” (the only name we know him by) is a shepherd. This is the name given to the government’s caretakers of people who need to be hidden away. Usually they need to be hidden away because they have information pertaining to the government’s case against a particular wrong doer. Shepherds care for the “principal” as he is known or the person with the information that is necessary to make a case against that wrong doer.

The reason for the need of the shepherd is that in many cases the wrong doer finds what is known as a “lifter” who with help tracks down the principal or his family. He then through brutal force convinces the principal not to tell what he knows if and when the government’s case goes to trial. Lifters are paid a handsome reward for doing this handiwork for the bad guys while the shepherd is a government employee who is paid as a government employee.

In Edge Corte has been given charge of Ryan Kessler and his family. Kessler is a police officer who the government believes is being hunted down by Corte’s old nemesis named Henry Loving. Corte and Loving had an encounter several years ago wherein Corte’s mentor was killed and Corte wounded while Loving got away.

And now they meet again although not physically at the start but certainly mentally as they both work to undo what the other is doing. Loving is looking to finish off his “job” and receive his payment while Corte is working to insure that Loving doesn’t do either. The added pressure on both comes about because of their previous meeting.

While Corte is in fact working to get the Kessler family to safety he also is in fact trying to draw Loving out and into another conflict where Corte hopes for some payback. As the story moves along, Corte’s supervisors begin to feel that Corte is working more for the hoped for meeting with Loving than he is in doing his job to get the family to safety.

Interwoven into the story of the hunt is the story of the Kessler family. Ryan, recovering from a work related wound, is beginning to do a bit too much drinking which is bothering Corte because he worries about Ryan’s ability to function properly. Ryan’s wife appears to be very uptight and nervous which Corte attributes to the pursuit. Her sister who is staying with them is just getting over a rough relationship and is somewhat “ditzy” most of the time. And Ryan’s daughter is a typical teenager in many ways but very grown up in others.

As Corte moves the family from one safe house to another he is constantly being bombarded by his bosses for not getting them to a true safe house. In fact he is working hard to complete the task but it seems every day a new stumbling block is dropped into his escape plan.

Overall Edge is a great story as Deaver brings competitive game maneuvers into the action as Corte is an astute and almost professional game player. Deaver almost uses Corte as a chess piece as he continually moves him about making the reader wonder where and what is going to happen next. Great suspense thriller with plenty of action! Neither sex nor profanity!

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