Edge: A Novel by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

EdgeQuite a bit of a different story overall and pretty good except that Corte, the hero, seems to be overly involved with game playing. And mostly board games as he is constantly referring to them or how they are played while he goes about his business.

Corte’s business is working as a undercover federal agent as a shepherd or guard over people who have been targeted by lifters. Lifters are criminals who hunt down (for a price) individuals, who one way or another, have become knowledgeable about a person’s indiscretions. The particular lifter in Edge is a gentleman named Henry Loving and Corte has seen how he works. Loving had recently killed Corte’s buddy and co-worker after using inhumane torture on the man.

Now it appears that Loving is after a D.C. cop named Ryan Kessler and it is up to Corte to protect Kessler and his family. This means he will take them often from one safe house to another and all the while protecting them and their whereabouts from Loving.

As is sometimes the case though, as the story moves along it appears that it may not be Kessler himself who is the target but one of his family. Overall that doesn’t mean much to Corte except that he has more than one individual to watch over. He usually does anyway as he, on his own, deems it necessary to protect family members of lifter’s targets.

There is much movement between locations and even some movements that are not necessarily set up by Corte’s bosses. He happens to determine, through some of his unofficial helpers or buddies that something else is going on. It seems that someone in the upper echelon of Corte’s workforce has been making some decisions and movements that do not blend in with his shepherding plans.

This means he will take the aid of those closest to him and make other arrangements to do all possible to protect Kessler and his family which doesn’t make his superiors happy.

When he begins making some of these alternative moves things kind of go wild and crazy. Corte at all times appears to be in pretty good control of the situations but now he not only is having to make moves to hide from Loving but he has to do so without letting his own supervisors where and why he is doing the moves.

The story is sound and the action is constantly moving forward. However it seems to be the case anymore that there are more and more characters and more and more twists to the basic story often added. In this one some of it is the game playing references! Perhaps it is to add more adventure but I am beginning to think it is to add more pages to the book!

But it is a good book and I think readers will like it.

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