Delirious by Daniel Palmer

Reviewed by Russell Ilg

Delirious by Michael PalmerReviewed by Russell Ilg

I have always been a huge fan of new authors because it can open a whole new world to us the readers and find that new talent that is sure to be a super star writer. So I go out of my way to find these rising stars and make sure I give them a try, because most of the time to get to the point where they get published in this world of very tough standards it has to be special to have made it to the finished product.

Delirious is one of those books from new comer Daniel Palmer and I was glad I had the honor to get my hands on an advanced reader’s copy to read before it is released around the 25th of the new year. I have found over the years sometimes it takes a couple books for the author to really settle in and become a very good writer. Not this time! Daniel Palmer has hit a home run at his first at bat!!!!!

Delirious is a HUGE thriller that starts with a slam against the wall and holds you so tight in its grip you can not and will not put it down. He has taken thrillers to a completely different place that had me mesmerized from the 1st page. It takes you into the world of high tech corporate America and a family that has some serious mental health problems. One of two brothers has escaped the illness that destroyed his father and brother. He immersed himself in his education and becomes one of the most gifted people in the consumer electronics industry. In a partnership with another genius they invent and develop the greatest new addition in the car computerized intelligence system, light years ahead of anything on the market. After being bought out by a huge company it comes to the point where he is still running that end of the business and getting ready to finally put this new system into production that will shatter and change for ever the car industry.

His world falls apart and he believes that the haunting past of his father and brother has caught up with him as his mind can no longer comprehend what is happening to him he ends up in the same hospital lock down that his brother has been in.
This story is a white knuckle hold me down thriller of a whole different breed. The twist and turns are so many you have to stop and catch a breath and try and figure out what just happened in front of your eyes. Everything points to him losing his mind and becoming a vicious killer and he knows the only way to find the truth is staying free. What a ride. I pride myself on being able to have some idea of where the story is going, boy was I wrong. Daniel Palmer has taken the word thriller to a whole new meaning. This is not the common themed thriller we have become so used to, it writes a whole new line to the definition. One that will be remembered for years to come. This is by far one of the greatest debut novels I have had the pleasure to read and am already waiting for the next one.

Mr. Plamer takes what could be the every day existence of anyone in the world and takes that and turns it upside down and shakes it till you are believing everything is crazy.One of the most original and by far the best thrillers to come by in a long time. This is a must read for all thriller fans and a great book to sit inside the house this winter and get lost in a world that will not let you go till the very last page. This writer has taken the gene to a whole different level with a completely refreshing story that is so different from the normal thrillers we have come to enjoy as the mainstay of the industry. What a huge new novel that holds all kinds of promise of things to come from one of the greatest new talents in years. A must read for all thriller readers to be on the beginning of what is going to be a book to be reckoned with this year as the best debut novel.


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