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Deadly Anniversaries: A Collection of Stories from Crime Fiction’s Top Authors

Reviewed by Allen Hott

This is a very interesting concept to writing a book on mysteries, etc. in short form. There are a total of nineteen short stories written by some of today’s top writers. And basically each story is centered about some type of anniversary. The writers include Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, Sue Grafton, and other notables.

“If You Want Something Done Right” tells of how a woman who wants out of her marriage pulls off various attempts but none work because he figures them out quickly. However he does become overly involved himself in how to protect himself and guess what? You got it right. Now read the story (and book)
to get the whole story. Sue Grafton put that one together and it is good.

“Ten Years On” is about an Indian nurse who is drawn to a dead soldier’s brother and it has a very strange ending.

Lee Child wrote “Normal In Every Way” that tells of a very slow thinking clerk who while working in police headquarters uses anniversary dates of various murders and ties them together in such a fashion as to help solve some crimes that have gone unsolved.

Another one is about a woman who had put up with her husband, though very unhappily for many years. On their 50th wedding anniversary she cooks him a spectacular dinner and finalizing the effort with a horrendous finish she goes to bed!

There are more of these type stories that always seem somehow to involve anniversaries but more importantly they involve how people react to and then deal with other people, usually their spouses!

Jeffrey Deaver’s contribution to these stories explains in detail how a lady goes about getting money together to give to an Indian Tribe so that they can purchase ground and keep the railroad from cutting through their property. It is another very well told story that keeps the reader’s interest to the end.

All of these stories are separate entities and do not have to be read together or in any particular fashion. But they all have some sort of tie to an anniversary of some sort and they all are well written. Top writers putting together a group of different stories but all very interesting.

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