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Dead Watch by John Sandford

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Dead Watch by John SandfordA well-written political thriller that brings forth many of the corrupt happenings that occur in the political arena. Hopefully the killings and beatings that happen in this telling do not actually occur on a daily basis. But the other shady dealings do without question and none of us are sure about the more gruesome aspects. Who knows?

Lincoln Bowe is an ex-U.S. senator who is now missing and strangely enough few people seem to be concerned. He is estranged from his wife, Madison, and though she still feels for him she is more concerned about Arlo Goodman and his Watchmen. Arlo is the governor of Virginia and wants to be at least the Vice President of the United States and Madison Bowe believes he will do anything to get that position.

Jake Winter is a published writer of political happenings. Also he is a veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan and now along with his writing he works for Bill Danzig, the President’s Chief of Staff. Jake has a great reputation for knowing his way around Washington. His military background has kept him sharp mentally and physically, despite a limp from shrapnel that ended his military career.

Danzig asks Jake to begin digging into the disappearance of Lincoln Bowe because of the political ramifications. As Jake does so he becomes entwined with Madison Bowe, the estranged wife.

When Lincoln Bowe’s body is found it appears that he was murdered by a gunshot wound but strangely enough he was also decapitated. The decapitation was done after he died.

During the investigation Bowe is discovered to have been homosexual and the usual thoughts then arise as to whether he was killed by a former lover or perhaps by some hardnosed members of the Watchmen. The Watchmen started as a political group but have become somewhat like vigilantes working under Arlo Goodman’s brother. And they have been known to get rather rough at times in getting things done.

Another subplot of the story involves the possibility of a “package” which has some damaging evidence against the Vice President. This package involves some possible kickbacks that came about while he was in Wisconsin politics.

Danzig sends Winter off to get information so that the President can make decisions about the coming elections. During the investigation Jake becomes very involved with Madison Bowe and both she and Jake get involved in much more than they had ever envisioned.

John Sandford as usual has put together a story with a lot of action and limited sex and/or foul language. Just a great read that will hold your attention throughout!

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