Criminal by Karin Slaughter

Criminal by Karin SlaughterReviewed by Allen Hott

A very involved story as Karin Slaughter delves back deep into the history of the Atlanta Police Department. Though what she writes is fiction many parts of the story could in fact have been drawn from real life events.

Criminal moves from 1974 to present day Atlanta as it traces the happenings that occur to a group of prostitutes and also to several police women who though not officially on a case do everything in their power to solve that case. Those happenings took place in 1974 but Slaughter ties them into a great story line that moves into today’s Atlanta.

There appears to be a person who has a decided desire to rid the Atlanta area of prostitutes. The way he goes about it is definitely the way of a psychotic killer. Because of the area in which the ladies of the night operate very few people have much interest in them or their disappearances. Even the cops appear to be uninterested in the cases.

However two young women police officers get involved (even though they were not supposed to be) and work very diligently to get to the bottom of the case. One of these women, Deputy Director Amanda Walker, is also the main character in the present day police work in Atlanta.

Amanda has always been very leery of several of the police officers who have moved up in the force. She is especially wary of the ties that they seem to have had over the years with a particular law firm and one particular lawyer.

Another part of the story that weaves in and out has to do with one young GBI agent who works under Amanda. This young man has many problems in his private life due to a poor beginning as a youngster. The father who was far from being a model parent has been in prison and has recently been released.

Being a native of the Atlanta area Slaughter has done a great job of digging out relevant facts and figures about the south’s largest city. She has done her homework in finding out interesting things that she wove into this tale. It is a great story line and tells much about the areas of Atlanta. She has created some great characters along with the great story line. Sometimes the bouncing back and forth from the past to the present gets difficult as well as does keeping all of the names and aliases of some of the characters straight. Sex and profanity are typical of most Slaughter stories. Her story lines are always first class.

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