Cane and Abe by James Grippando

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Cane and AbeThe title in itself is quite a story. Abe is in fact Abe Beckham but Cane refers to sugarcane. Although it becomes a bit lost by the end of the story the original storyline seemed to be built around several bodies that were found in the Florida Everglades. These bodies all appeared to have been brutally murdered by someone using a machete similar to those used in sugar cane harvesting especially in the days before mechanization took over the process.

As the police and FBI work to find the killer they nickname him the Cutter and begin putting together similarities in the victims’ lives. One of the standout items is that they all either dated persons or married persons of a different race. If it was a white woman she had dated or married a black man as an example.

However in putting this all together there also does seem to be some sort of ties to National Sugar Cane which is the largest cane producer in the U.S. Exactly what that tie-in is never exactly comes to light but the newest victim who was found was black and was a lawyer for a large legal firm that did much work for National Sugar Cane. Strangely enough where all the previous victims had had sugar cane ash wiped across their cheek this woman, Tyla Tomkins, though black still had some type of ashes spread on her face.

Abe Beckham is an attorney and top prosecutor for the Miami area. As he begins to do some investigating to one day hopefully prosecute the killer many more strange things come to light. First off Abe is recently married to a lady named Angelina but prior to that he had been married to a black woman named Samantha. That black woman’s brother, J.T., was and is a very close friend of his onetime brother-in-law, Abe. Angelina is not at all friendly with J.T. and tries very hard to get Abe to stay away from him. However J.T. has had some problems with the law and recently was put on house arrest with a bracelet monitor so Abe does things for him such as get him groceries.

During the investigation of Tomkins’ murder there are many new twists and turns brought into the story involving her. It appears that she has been very outgoing with many of the high ranking folks in the Glades area including some from National Sugar Cane and even Abe!

When Angelina is made aware of the circumstances she basically throws Abe out but wait!

That is just the beginning of the rest of the story! It just gets more and more involved. The writing is really well done so that the reader never completely loses his mind as he tries to stay up but it is tough! Great read and one that most mystery readers will appreciate.

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