Buried (Hush Collection) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

I am not exactly sure why Jeffery Deaver decided to write a short story with this one but not only he did and he did a great job. It involves a man who gets kidnapped and then put away in a basement type prison. Funny thing is as the story goes along he isn’t really the main premise behind the story.

In fact the story is about a person called The Gravedigger who does all sorts of criminal activities and then usually leaves notes of some type for the police to use as they hunt sometimes for the bodies but all the time for The Gravedigger.

While this part of the story is moving along Edward Fitzhugh a longtime newspaper reporter is about to retire but he is so interested in writing the story and hopefully even helping the police that he almost puts off his retirement. (And he actually does but in another fashion).

Fitzhugh has a young “hippie” female reporter working with him in his area of the newspaper and Fitzhugh is trying to bring her along. He feels this Gravedigger person could be tied into something very big and he hopes to get a new reporter, Dottie Wyandotte, interested. However the two are like one person from the 17th century working with one from the 21st. She is very up to date while he still two-finger-types even on a new computer the company got him.

Dottie isn’t overly interested and feels that he should go ahead and try to solve and finish the Gravedigger story. Neither of them realize what all is involved. Because also somewhat in the picture is the current convention nominating the person from their state to run for president.

In the background while all this is going on is a small group who not only are “backing” the nominee but unbeknownst to Fitz at the time they are also involved in the Gravedigger and his victims.

That is all I plan to spell out here because readers of good mysteries/thrillers need to get Buried and find out for themselves what all is going down. And as usual it a good read writer by one of the best…Jeffery Deaver!

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