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Blue Moon by Wendy Corsi Staub (Review #2)

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

Blue MoonWendy Corsi Staub is back with the second in her newest series located in Mundy’s Landing. In the second entry to the Mundy’s Landing series, the small town is getting ready for an annual celebration designed to bring in tourists. Called the Mundypalooza, it’s an odd sort of event, capitalizing on an unforgettable point of history in Mundy’s Landing. That event was a series of unsolved murders that occurred one hundred years ago and were never solved. Three young women were murdered and their bodies placed in three different homes in Mundy’s Landing to be discovered by the homes’ owners.

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This year is the centennial of that horrifying event. With a hefty reward offered by the local historical society to the one who solves the century old murders, tourists can be found everywhere, especially at the museum and sneaking around the three murder houses. One of them has far more than prize money on his mind. He calls himself Holmes and he plans to recreate the murders and kill three young women and place their bodies in the exact same way as the murders that occurred 100 years ago.

Annabelle Bingham and her family have recently purchased one of the murder houses, moving into the ‘fixer upper.’ This is stressful enough without all the people milling about. Then Annabelle begins to feel that someone is watching her. Who might it be?

Enter vacationing Detective Sullivan (Sully) Leary, from the NYPD Missing Persons Squad along with her partner, Stockton Barnes. While outsiders, the fresh eyes they offer to the cold case could help the current one as well. Hopefully their presence means we will see them in future books.

Clues are dropped along the way, but the mystery remained for me until the nail-biting finale. A long-cold case, a frightening killer stalking the little town, and well developed characters are woven together into a fascinating thriller. It will surely make you think twice about buying a murder house of your own.

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