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Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

By now if you have read Jack Reacher stories by Lee Child you are aware of how they start out. Reacher is traveling (always) and going nowhere in particular but he doesn’t want to stay in any one place very long. As a retired military police officer he feels he has seen the world in that capacity and so now
he wants to see it as an individual. Never travels with someone, always alone, and never really trying to get somewhere in particular. He just likes to move around, meet people and see different locations.

It turns out that the area where Reacher ended up on this bus ride was a municipality that basically was split in two halves. One half was run by the Ukrainians and the other by Albanians. Each leader kept control over his area and didn’t mess at all in the opposite area. About the time Reacher got there it appears that there is about to be a blow-up of some type between the two groups but no one knows exactly why. And Reacher is completely unaware of the situation for the time being.

However as the story moves forward Reacher does find out about the goings on between all the folks involved. At the time he doesn’t realize it but while he is on the bus he notices one old man with a thick envelope sticking out of his pocket. When the old man gets off the bus a young man gets up and follows him by about six feet. Reacher had seen all of this developing so he followed the pair. After the young guy knocks the old guy to the ground and takes the envelope, Reacher knocks the young guy to the ground and not only takes the envelope but he then gives it back to the old man. Reacher realizes the old man is not in very good shape so he decides to help him walk the rest of the way home. There he meets the old man’s wife and hears what sounds to be a real tough story. They need money for various reasons and they have to borrow it from an “unknown” source who keeps the transaction to himself for their benefit.

But it turns out that the rate of interest keeps getting higher and higher and they not only can’t keep up with the incremental payments but cannot pay off the debt.

Now it becomes a typical Reacher story in that he is the good guy and in a short period of time he buddies up several other good guys and a good lady who all are very interested in helping out. And they also then realize all the various criminal activities that are going on in the area but no one is stopping any of them.

It then becomes Reacher’s Rangers as the good guys begin working in various ways to tear apart the criminal element that is in the area. And to make it even more interesting the criminal element (basically Ukrainians and Albanians) have already begun a battle between themselves.

This all works into a very interesting and even sometimes confusing read for the reader as there are many characters working in various directions. But as usual Child has pretty well smoothed it all into another good story.

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