Big Numbers (Austin Carr Mystery Book 1) by Jack Getze

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Austin Carr is having some problems with his life. Because of monetary problems and a split with his wife, he is living in an old truck-mounted camper. The camper is parked in the lot of a bar where he spends a lot of time and the owner of the bar wants him out of the lot but seems to always succumb to Carr’s charm. Carr has also given him a few stock tips that paid off and he is hoping for more help in exchange along the way to pay for the parking.

Mostly Carr gets along well with Luis who is the bartender at Cruz’s bar and grill so that keeps him pretty well fixed for food and beverages. However Cruz still is very watchful because he isn’t happy with the camper truck in the lot.

It seems as a stockbroker he isn’t doing overly well although he has one client, Gerry Burns, who has been putting quite a bit of work Carr’s way. One day Gerry comes in to see Carr and first complains a bit about the market, like everyone else is doing in this particular slowdown. But then he drops a bigger bomb when he tells Carr that has pancreatic cancer and supposedly is dying.

Gerry also wanted to introduce his wife, Kelly, who is a beautiful red headed woman who in Carr’s eyes is worth much more than the market! Gerry tells Carr to start clearing up the loose ends and then cash out his stocks. He wants all the money put into bank accounts for Kelly. He isn’t sure if she can handle all the trading, etc. Carr gets a big boost from Kelly when she does step in and say that she feels they should hold onto their position right now and worry about beating the cancer. They leave Carr with nothing settled but he is worried.

However the next day he happens to be heading back to meet with them when he meets Kelly getting into her car outside their home. She invites him along for a ride and then begins telling him how she has already taken over a hundred thousand cash out of their house accounts. She wants Carr to hide it from Gerry. So the two begin plotting how this can be done so no one, especially Gerry, finds out.

And that is the start of the two working together although Carr’s boss isn’t happy. He feels Carr has too few investors that he is working with right now but he also feels something is going on behind the scenes with Carr.

More and more things happen to Carr as far as having sexual encounters with Kelly and then his own problems with not only his wife but also his boss. It seems that though there are some good things going on there are also worrisome things that just cause him to drink more and pour out his troubles to Luis, his bartender friend.

As the story continues and as what usually happens does happen, Carr and Kelly get found out by Gerry. When this does occur the real story begins and gets deeper and deeper into a very good adventure-type story. How it all comes about and ends up is a very funny but kind of disturbing way, especially for Carr.

But he recovers. Good read and moves along very well with a great ending.

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