Big Money by Jack Getze

bigmoneyReviewed by Allen Hott

Austin Carr, a somewhat unscrupulous stockbroker, is being hit from all sides. He is a partner along with several other brokers in Shore Securities. The major stockholder and actual owner of the business, Vic Bonacelli, has left to go on a vacation and has put Carr in charge of the business. Bonacelli, Walter Osgood, and Carr have been friends for quite some time and until recently the business was doing very well. However the recent downturn in the economy has hurt their business and also they have been advised that they are about to be audited by AASD (American Association of Security Dealers.

Osgood asked Carr to meet him at Luis’s Mexican Grill (where they all hang out) and Carr has already surmised something is up. It turns out that Osgood, who is the firm’s top producer, has accepted a job with another firm and he will be leaving. Carr feels that Osgood is doing it because of the AASD investigation which Osgood feels will probably bring down Shore Securities.

There is little doubt that Mr. Vic has always had some connections with some shady characters but Carr still feels that he is in fact clean. But now adding to his discomfort is the fact that Mr. Vic called Carr to the side and told him that Carr was to watch over Mr. Vic’s daughter, Carmela. She recently divorced another member of the company who was never thought very highly of by Mr. Vic or Carr. But Mr. Vic tells Carr that if there are any problems he should immediately get ahold of Tony Farascio who is well known as a settler of problems by means of physical contact!

And then Mr. Vic tells Carr that if Mama Bones as she is known calls Carr he is to get her whatever she needs. Mama Bones is Mr. Vic’s mother who runs a string of free senior citizen exercise clubs that are actually a front for her betting operations.

About the same time that Mama Bones calls Carr to tell him she has been arrested for illegal bingo operations Carmela’s ex enters the office and takes her into a conference room where he says he will keep her until they give him a hundred grand to pay off a gambling debt. At that point Carr calls Tony and the real action of Big Money begins!

Jack Getze has put together a really exciting book that shows many sides to the somewhat shady life in central New Jersey. He has managed to write in much the same manner that folks in that area talk. Mostly quick and with short direct narratives that tell the reader what he needs to know without lot of added vocabulary. His portrayal of Austin Carr is fantastic as he depicts Carr as a somewhat shady character who has a lot of admiration for the female body especially the upper half. Carr never seems to miss any woman’s best features at any time.

Getze keeps the action going at all times which makes the read a truly pleasant one and actually with very limited profanity and no pure sex. It is just a great read about trials and tribulations of a stockbroker/salesman who is trying to make his way in that New Jersey world!

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