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Before the Poison: A Novel by Peter Robinson

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Before the PoisonWhen soundtrack composer Chris Lowndes buys an old house in Yorkshire Dales, he has no idea of the history of the house. He soon learns it is the former home of a prominent doctor and his wife and child during and after WW II. Grace Fox was hanged for poisoning her husband in the 1950s. The story intrigues Lowndes and he strives to learn more from local citizens who lived in Yorkshire Dales during the trial and visits to the local library. A surprise encounter with the former owner of the house who happens the be the granddaughter of Grace Fox reveals even more evidence leading Chris to conclude that perhaps Grace was innocent after all. All while trying to determine the truth about Grace, the death of Lowndes’ wife haunts him and forces him to examine his real motives for wanting to know once and for all if Grace deserved what she got.

Before the Poison by Peter Robinson is a stand-alone novel, separate
from his better-known Alan Banks novels. Robinson managed to tap into the curiosity we all might have about old houses in a place like England. This novel comes complete with a murder and a love affair, all set to the background of WW II and the post-war years, a tumultuous time in Europe. Robinson is one of my favorite authors and deserves 4/5 stars for this novel.

**A copy of this book was the only compensation received in exchange for this review.**

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