August Origins (An Action Mystery (Mackenzie August series) Book 1)by Alan Lee

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Mackenzie August has just moved back to his old hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. He is settling into a private practice as an investigator and is now living with his dad and Kix, Mackenzie’s son.
He is somewhat startled when the sheriff and a police officer come into his office. The sheriff quickly tells Mackenzie his entire life’s history and then offers him a job. He is really not interested and turns down the offer.

However on their next meeting and with further discussion he takes her offer to work as an undercover agent for her while he begins teaching at the high school. The reason he took the job is that he has heard a lot about the gangs that are now ruling the schools and actually have even killed several girls.

During his first week of teaching he goes to the local gym to work out and ends up in a ring with Nate Silva who is ranked as one of the top fighters not only in Roanoke but all of Virginia. Mackenzie has done a lot of fighting while he lived and worked as a cop in Los Angeles so he is prepared. Though Silva comes on strong and showy the end result is that Mackenzie wins 2 out of 3 rounds and the match. He also quickly builds quite a reputation around town with his ability.

After the fight he stops in a local bar for a beer and immediately falls into a real adoration for the waitress. Ronnie, that waitress, ends up playing quite a part in the story and Mac’s life. Although that is in a somewhat strange way as it turns out.

Along with living with his father and his young son another old friend from his west coast days comes into the picture. Manny Martinez served on the police force with Mac in LA. Manny has been hired by the marshals in the state to also work on busting the drugs and gangs. He fits in nicely as Mac’s right hand it seems.

The main thing now that the story revolves around is Mac and how he adjusts to the life of a teacher in a high school with most of the students not on his side. It doesn’t take long however for Mac to show the students how he operates in a strict but somewhat funny way. He constantly throws in funny barbs and quips even to the rough and tough gang members.

He also is constantly watching and fairly quickly he discovers one of the sources of drug problems. Strangely enough it turns out as he learns from his observations that this particular one is not even a student. But he does come in and out of the school on a regular basis. This finding becomes Mac’s key to solving that part of the bigger problem.

There is much more to the story as far as what all happens to Mac as he does his job both teaching and policing. But also what happens to Mac and his association with Ronnie, the waitress. That is quite a part of the story and it leaves everyone including the reader somewhat stunned. Another good story that reads fast and is enjoyable with very little profanity and/or sex.

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