An Unmarked Grave: A Bess Crawford Mystery by Charles Todd

An Unmarked Grave Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

An Unmarked Grave takes place in 1918. Bess Crawford is a nurse where she is assigned to a field hospital in France. She tends to the wounded. The situation gets worse as the Spanish Influenza strikes and makes not only the soldiers very ill but also some of the medical staff.

A private who is in charge of the dead bodies until a burial takes place confronts Bess. He asks Bess to come with him. The private has one more body then he should have and suspects something is not right. Bess agrees to go with the private to the shed where the bodies are kept. After viewing the body, she confirms the soldier did not die from either the influenza or from wounds received in a battle. She also recognizes the young man.

Bess wants to report this matter; however, she is taken very ill with the influenza. She is sent home to her parents. As she begins to recover, she starts to remember some of these things that happened with the soldier. At first, she thought she might have had a dream but in time she is sure about what had taken place.

Her parents do not want her to return to France because this is the second time she almost died. Bess is determined to return and solve the mystery of the young soldier. Tension starts to mount when something bad seems to be happening to people who are connected to this case.

Will Bess Crawford be able to discover what really happened?

The writing team of Charles Todd does an excellent job with the descriptive details and the reader will feel like the authors are painting a picture for them as the story continues.

An Unmarked Grave gives the reader everything they could wish for in a book. You have a mystery that is difficult to solve, three-dimensional characters and a plot that will hold your interest throughout the book. I have read several books by Charles Todd and always enjoy the historical mysteries involving Bess. The historical detail makes for a very interesting read. It is not necessary to read the other books first but you will probably want to do so once you have read An Unmarked Grave.

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