Almost Midnight: A Novel (Mike Bowditch Mysteries Book 10) by Paul Doiron

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Mike Bowditch, the Maine Game Warden Investigator, is on his way to the prison to see Billy Cronk, his longtime friend. Mike still feels he owes Billy because when two guys tried to kill both Mike and Billy. Billy was so enraged he beat the one guy to death so even though it was self-defense he did get sentenced to five years.

When Mike visits Billy he is asked by Billy to investigate a new prison guard who was transferred in by the governor. It seems that Billy now feels there is something going on among some of the guards and a few prisoners. He thinks maybe she is possibly there to sniff it out but then again she may be part of it. He wants to know so as to protect her if she is one of the good guys. Mike agrees and says he will look into it if he can.

Shortly after Mike leaves a major battle takes place in the prison and several people (including a guard) are killed. Billy is beaten up pretty bad but still alive. This adds to his theory and inspires Mike to begin looking into the problem. Because not only Billy but the new female guard are in the hospital due to the battle that went on.

Mike now knows that he is going to really get deeper involved because the governor who grants pardons was looking at Billy for a pardon and had asked Mike for advice.
But this will all take time and right now they have to find out what happened at the prison and how bad is Billy really hurt.

Mike does get home and early the next morning he gets a phone call from a warden/ranger friend of his who is western Maine. Seems that Shadow, a wild wolf that Mike had saved and then turned loose has been wounded by a special type arrow and is in a veterinarian’s office.

And that is what brings this story into two parts. One is about Mike’s buddy Billy (and his family). The other is about a wild animal (Shadow) that Mike had saved and is hanging on for dear life due to someone shooting him. Mike wants to save them both and solve both mysteries.

Very well written by Doiron and a good read to keep the reader’s interest to the end.

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