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A Steep Price (Tracy Crosswhite Book 6) by Robert Dugoni

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A very good cop story by Dugoni. A good read with action, story line and no sex! Tracy Crosswhite is a Seattle homicide detective who works with Del, Faz, and Kins. In this one Del and Faz are working to break up a drug ring headed by a guy named Little Jimmy. It appears that Little Jimmy has shot and killed a woman in the neighborhood who was spearheading a drive against drugs. The main proof is a hand print on top of an automobile that was left by the gunmen. But figuring out if that ties to the shooting is part of the story.

Faz knows Little Jimmy very well since when he was fourteen Faz had been instrumental in getting Little Jimmy’s dad put in prison. While there he was killed by other prisoners and Little Jimmy still feels that Faz was the one who put his dad in the position and thus he does not like Faz. So far however it has been just a quiet eye to eye battle between the two but Faz watches Jimmy very closely. And Faz works to prove Jimmy is the one in the murder of the woman.

While Faz and Del work on their case they also battle sideline battles. Del has severe back problems that get worse every day by his work and doing things around the house. It causes Faz to have to work alone quite often and he is also having personal problems as his wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer so he is having all sorts of mental anguish.

As the part of the story with Faz and Del moves along, Tracy working with Kins is trying to figure out who killed and dumped a girl’s body in a hole along a path in the nearby woods.

This is also a great story by itself as it seems that two Spanish speaking girlfriends were working to become doctors. However they did not have the funds to go to college. One of the girls’ mothers convinces a Spanish speaking gentleman to date and then marry her daughter. This causes an argument between the two girls. The one goes off and the other begins to “work” to get money for school.

The type of work, sleeping with a doctor, very much offends her mother and she begins nagging and battling with her daughter over the arrangement. Tracy gets in on the action when the girl is in fact the body that is found in the hole in the park.

How these two separate cases develop and work out is a very good piece of writing by Dugoni. He details happenings enough to really give the reader a feeling of being in the midst of all the action. And though the overall sexual happenings play a part in the story they are not ever gone into any detail in the story telling. However A Very Steep Price is a very good title for both of the parts of the total book.

Tracy, Kins, Faz, and Del have been in Dugoni’s stories in the past and will no doubt be in future ones also. One reason is that in this story it is announced that Tracy is now pregnant so I am sure that alone will move into newer stories.

Very good read with lots of action and yet some personal views of the characters.

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