A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County Mysteries) by Karin Slaughter (Review #2)

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A Faint Cold FearThis time she takes us back to Grant County, Georgia for a go-round Police chief Jeffrey Tolliver and his ex-wife, Sara Linton. Linton also happens to be the county medical examiner. But wherever Karin Slaughter takes her readers you can be assured there will also be ex-husbands/wives; gays; lesbians; mean parents, and killers of course!

In this one she has also brought along a slew of college students and professors with wives and girlfriends. And as is also usual she includes sex in various ways. Sometimes it is hard-core type (not too often) but for some reason it usually involves some types of bad “doings” to sexual parts of the body, both male and female.

However Slaughter does write really great storylines that almost always involve murders in one way or another. The reader has to just go along with the other stuff or skip through some of it when it gets a bit much.

The story begins with Linton and her pregnant sister leaving a Dairy Queen because Tolliver needed the medical examiner to perform her duty at the scene of a crime. That scene happens to be located near the campus of Grant Institute of Technology. It so happens that a young male, perhaps a student, has been found under a bridge in somewhat “hinky” condition as his pants have been pulled down and bunched up around his ankles along with his underwear. As Linton begins her examination her sister shouts over and says she is going up the hill a bit into the woods because she has “to pee”. Since she is pregnant neither Linton nor Tolliver think much of her need and acknowledge her leaving.

Little do they know that she and the young lady who found the dead body have both now placed themselves in harm’s way and from here on the story gets involved? The involvement however is what builds the story as Linton, Tolliver, deputies including Lena Adams (who is a former deputy but now works with the college campus police) begin trying to sort out exactly what has happened and why.

The story moves through many stages as students with drugs and drug problems get intermingled with professors who have several wives and accompanying stories! Through all of it there is much infighting with Tolliver and Linton, Tolliver and Adams, and Adams with a new boyfriend. But perhaps more importantly there are even more murders, beatings, and other mayhem that keeps the reader busy.

It appears that all involved have various thoughts on who is doing all of the dirty work but one thing about Slaughter’s books….she keeps that sort of secret to herself.

Oh yes she will finally divulge the culprit’s identity (usually not whom the reader suspects) but it will only come at the end. And thus wrap up another great thriller written by one heck of a writer…..Karin Slaughter!

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