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A Berry Deadly Welcome: A Humorous Cozy Mystery (Kylie Berry Mysteries Book 1) by A.R. Winters

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Kylie Berry, who has just divorced her husband under very bad terms, heads out to Camden Falls. She is broke and very disgusted with her life. Not only did she divorce her husband but his family held her responsible although in reality it definitely was him and his “fooling around”. She gets to the little town in Kentucky and heads to another relative’s restaurant where Kylie was given an offer to work if she wanted.

Going into Sarah’s Eatery was quite a shock as it turns out the restaurant is quite large with many chairs and tables. Over the bar was a big sign saying, “We’ll miss you “and Sarah’s name was taped at the end of the sign. When Sarah runs around the bar and meets Kylie. She then takes her up and down the bar introducing her to all the regulars.

And then they move into a little office where Sarah hands Kylie a stack of papers and shows her where to sign. Unbeknownst to Kylie because she had lost control of her phone and computer during the divorce with her husband, Sarah sold the restaurant to Kylie! And after handing her keys to the restaurant and to an apartment upstairs Sarah was out the front door. She and her husband were moving away.

After kind of getting “the lay of the land” from talking to one of the young employees, she realizes for now anyway everything is set up for closing and opening the restaurant in the morning. So up she goes to her apartment which is as spacious as was the restaurant but with no furniture except for a solitary mattress. She takes time to study the papers and sees she owns the whole building so she will have rent coming in from folks living in the apartments.

After a very restless, sleepless night she heads to the restaurant early in the morning and finds that most everything is coming together. However there are several problems. First off the lady who opened each day had to take her grandson to school so Kylie was alone until others came in. And that lady advised her that Roberto, the chef, had quit via a phone call to the restaurant that morning.

How Kylie copes with all of these happenings in the restaurant is a part of the story. She also quickly found out that at church the night before her ex-husband’s aunt who lived in the little town was telling everyone how bad of a wife and woman Kylie was! All of which was untrue in the eyes of Kylie and her family. However this ex-aunt continues throughout the story spreading rumors and downing Kylie whenever she can.

And Kylie can’t cook! This is a real bummer when you own a restaurant but she does begin trying. One of her early attempts is baking some brownies. Shortly after the woman who bought and supposedly ate the brownies died of food poisoning! The story becomes more and more involved with a lot of folks on Kylie’s side trying to help her while those against her really hammer her as hard as they can.

You will have to read the story to see what really happened with the brownies and what then really happened to Kylie. It is a quick, worthwhile read that I am sure you will enjoy!

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