When They Come for You (Harper McDaniel) by James W. Hall

Reviewed by Mark Moderson

When They Come for YouThis novel really has it all. It starts quickly with the main character’s husband and newborn being brutally murdered by a mysterious villain watching the family from afar. Instead of folding and succumbing to her grief the heroine, Harper McDaniel decides to get even.

She quickly unlocks the potential mystery of why her husband was murdered and chases his story across the world. Harper quickly gets involved researching in the high stakes world of chocolate and child labor, and enlists the help of her brother and mafia boss grandfather.

While some of the characters and action seem to be a bit far-fetched the story comes off as believable and has you rooting for Harper to get revenge.

The author does a good job of keeping the reader interested and keeping the action fast paced. James W. Hall delivers a fun, easy page turner. I could see this novel being adapted on the big screen. If you enjoy a good fast paced mystery this is a fantastic read.

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