The Missing Factor: A Jim Factor Novel by Daniel C. Lorti

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

The Missing FactorArms dealer Jim Factor has a great life, a thriving business, a loving wife, and an affluent lifestyle. The one time engineer has always run a legitimate arms business, until he is approached at a convention in Europe with a steal of a deal. Carlos Sengretti would like him to act as a moderator in negotiations with a client and will make him a large sum of money. After some discussion, Jim agrees to assist Sengretti with his deal and they decide on a payment amount. Jim believes he will just be a consultant and once the deal is finished, his services will no longer be needed.

Unfortunately, he is mistaken. Soon after the business is completed, Jim receives a phone call warning him of potential danger. The illegal deal has gone sour, and now he is suspected of leaking the deal to the United States Customs Service. His life is at risk and Jim must immediately leave the country without a trace. He cannot even tell his wife anything about the deal gone wrong, nor can he tell her where he is going. He quickly gathers cash and some clothing and leaves his housen eventually ending up at the bus terminal where he makes his escape to another city.

During his escape, Jim travels around the world, visits many exotic places, takes on numerous different personas, and manages to stay one step ahead of his Russian mafia pursuers. Along the way, he befriends several people who become allies in his quest to make it safely home to his wife and his old way of life.

The novel is very intriguing, filled with plenty of action and suspense. This book captured my interest from the very first page until the final page. Lorti does a great job of bringing the characters and settings in this book to life. I could easily picture the cities in my head because they were described in great and elaborate detail, something that always helps me to enjoy a book.

This was the first Daniel Lorti book I have read, and I look forward to reading another. I would definitely read another Jim Factor novel and eagerly await the next one.

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