The Drop by Michael Connelly (Review #2)

The Drop Reviewed by Allen Hott

For those of us who are Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch fans The Drop comes as bit of a shock. In the vernacular of the LAPD the DROP means Deferred Retirement Option Plan. And in the case of Harry Bosch, Connelly’s favorite detective, DROP means the end of his career. Needless to say Bosch is not at all in favor of the DROP in his case. But since he is put on it and because of certain circumstances has only 39 months left in his career instead of the 60 months that are generally given. He retired once before and he was not able to live with it and now he is not looking forward to it. He decides that he will go out with a bang and work as many cases as they will give to him.

The morning after he is given the news of the DROP situation he is given two new cases to work. The first one is based on DNA being matched from a 1989 rape and murder to a recently convicted twenty-nine year old rapist. Sounds like a slam dunk until Harry realizes if the accused is 29 today he would have been only 8 at the time of the rape. Somewhere there is a problem. Either with the work out of the Crime Lab that did the analysis of the DNA or something else. Harry has to find out the real story behind this one.

The second case is much more “today” and it involves the suicide or possible murder of a LA Councilman’s son. Irvin Irving, that councilman, has locked horns with not only the LAPD in general very often but specifically with Harry Bosch on several occasions. And yet Irving specifically wants Bosch on the case and forces the chief to assign him to it.

In the typical manner of a good mystery (and especially in one of Connelly’s) many, many things come into play before the reader gets to the end of the story.

Bosch has problems with his partner, David Chu, and vice versa. Chu doesn’t believe that Bosch treats him like a true partner but more like a subservient assistant. Chu doesn’t help matters when he commits an unforgivable sin in police work and Harry’s first inclination is to de-partner him.

Also as most stories have to have some sort of romantic entanglement or love interest Harry without really looking for a “life” partner meets a woman during the investigation of the rape/murder case. Harry’s first wife had died and his fifteen year old daughter lives with him. This has made him very cautious about getting involved with any women in the past several years. But now he is not so sure.

Bouncing back and forth between the two cases Bosch is working on plus the happenings with his partner and his daughter really keeps the interest of the reader. Just one more great read by Michael Connelly! Get it, read it, and you will be very happy for doing so.

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