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The Forgotten Man by Robert Crais

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Forgotten ManCops are called to a crime scene in Temecula, California where they find a man, his wife, and teenage son all appeared to be beaten to death with something like a baseball bat. A very young girl appears to have hidden in a closet and was not touched in the horrific murders of her family.

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Years later Elvis Cole, one of Crais’ favorite private investigators is called by a Los Angeles police officer who had found a dead man in an alley. The police officer Detective Kelly Diaz called Cole to ask him to please come and identify the man as he was carrying paperwork that identified him as Cole’s father. At first Cole is completely against even going because he has not seen his father since he was a very young boy when his father took off leaving Cole pretty much alone since his mother was somewhat mentally unstable. As Cole tries to tell Diaz that he isn’t interested she also says that when she found the man he was still alive and he stated that Cole was his son. Read the rest of this entry »

The Promise: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel (An Elvis Cole Novel) by Robert Crais

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The PromiseAnother very interesting read by Crais. He is one of the best in building stories that seem to be entirely possible in our lives. The only problem is that as usual he has about twenty gazillion characters in this one again. Always does he seem to overpopulate his stories with characters that do play fairly important roles in the story. Sometimes I feel like I need a scorecard by my side as I read.

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Elvis Cole, one of his favorites, is a private investigator who has been hired to find a missing woman. She is a federal employee with not only the ability to get to weapons but she is also still very distraught over losing her son in the fighting in the Middle East. She wants to get some sort of revenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Suspect by Robert Crais (Review #2)

SuspectReviewed by Teri Davis

Dog people are a breed unto themselves. Yes, it is a pun but it is true. They understand how a dog can be trusted to be a person’s best friend, whether they are a man or a woman. Dogs will listen and never tell your secrets. As for loyalty, once a dog bonds with you, you have a friend for life. These creatures whose name spelled backwards is God don’t judge you, don’t criticize you, but love you for just being yourself.

While in the line of duty with the LAPD, Scott James was wounded and his partner died. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time but his
permanently changed their lives. For Scott, his partner, Stephanie is dead and he was critically wounded. Unfortunately the physical wounds heal faster than the emotional ones. Read the rest of this entry »

Taken (Elvis Cole/Joe Pike Novels) by Robert Crais

TakenReviewed by Allen Hott

Not only an interesting read but an informative one as well. The story is about the problem with illegal aliens coming across the border between Mexico and California. I have always assumed (as has most people I would guess) that those coming in there are either from Mexico, some Central American country, or perhaps some South American country. The book explains that many of those illegals are from the Middle East, the Far East and even parts of Europe. That is in addition to those from this hemisphere. It seems that is the easiest route in so almost all illegals traverse that pathway. Read the rest of this entry »

Suspect by Robert Crais

Suspect Reviewed by Allen Hott

Suspect is a really great and also an informative read. The story involves a German shepherd dog that moves quickly from one place in the beginning of the book to another and in some ways she “tells” as much of the story as does Crais.

Maggie, the shepherd, has been trained as a military working dog or actually in her case as a bomb (or IED) sniffing dog. She and her trainer had made three tours in the Iraq/Afghanistan war zones when the story begins. However on one of her missions her handler is killed by a sniper who also wounds Maggie while attempting to kill her because of her talent.

Sometime later back in the U.S. two police officers, Scott James and Stephanie Anders, are on a normal routine evening patrol when they witness what appears to be a horrific accident between a Kenworth truck and a Bentley. As the two jumps from their cruiser and head toward the wrecked vehicles all Hades breaks loose. Shots are fired around the wrecked vehicles, people are seen climbing back and forth, and then shots are fired at the officers.

Sadly both officers are wounded seriously and Scott tries valiantly to save Stephanie as he calls for assistance. Those final moments continually haunt him as he works his way physically and mentally back to where he can return to duty. He is offered a medical retirement because of the severity of his wounds but he refuses as he feels he has repayments to be made. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sentry by Robert Crais

The SentryReviewed by Allen Hott

A whole lot of intrigue, detectiving, and mayhem as is the usual makeup of a Robert Crais book. And as quite often he does Crais wrote this one with two of his favorite characters. Joe Pike and Elvis Cole are again teamed up and are doing their best to keep law and order. Although they, as is normal, go beyond the scope of the law in their manner of enforcing it.

Pike gets them involved when he stops several hoodlums from beating up an older man in a small café. One of them gets away but the other after getting his arm broken by Pike is held until the police come. The victim doesn’t want to press charges nor go to the hospital although he is in pretty bad shape. However a younger woman comes in from the back entrance to the café and identifies the victim and sends him off to the hospital.

When she stops and talks to Pike he falls for her like a ton of bricks pushed off a truck. He believes that something is wrong just from judging her actions as well as that of the victim. Pike then becomes The Sentry and begins watching over the shop and Dru as she identifies herself to him.
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The First Rule by Robert Crais

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The First Rule by Robert CraisJoe Pike is back! And yes, Elvis Cole is back with him. They become involved with gang members from the old Soviet Union. These gangs have immigrated to the United States and now are doing their tricks in the Los Angeles area. While in the old country they were governed by the “Vorovskoy Zakon” or thieves’ code, which was made up of eighteen rules. The First Rule basically was that all members had to forsake family and become family with the gang.

In his own way Joe Pike somewhat honors that rule but for different reasons. While working as a mercenary for the United States he became extremely close with the members of his crew. He and each of the members would do whatever it took to take care of the other members or if necessary avenge the hurts that may have been inflicted upon any member.

As the story opens Frank Meyer a former member of Joe’s crew is murdered. And not only is Frank Meyer but his entire family and a nanny who was living with him were killed. When Pike and Cole begin looking into the massacre they cannot find the reason for the killings. The police believe that it is a gang related event because of some of the evidence and they believe that Frank was somehow involved with these Eastern European gangsters. Read the rest of this entry »