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Afterlife by Marcus Sakey

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

AfterlifeDo you ever read a book and immediately think this would make a great movie? That is exactly what I thought while reading Afterlife, Marcus Sakey’s latest work. Well, it appears I was not the only one to think that as it is going to be a movie directed by Ron Howard. Afterlife’s premise isn’t exactly new ground covered. There have been many other books and movies done along the same basic story line, but Sakey turns it up a notch in both emotional tugs and suspense.

Will Brody is an FBI agent assigned to a task force in Chicago. He reports to Claire McCoy. The two have both a personal and a professional relationship which they manage to keep separate most of the time. This changes with an explosion leaving Chicago, Claire and Brody forever changed. Read the rest of this entry »

The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by Marcus Sakey

The Two Deaths of Daniel HayesReviewed by Patricia Reid

The story begins with Daniel Hayes washed up on the beach, half dead and thousands of miles away from home. Daniel is alone except for a car parked on the beach and abandoned. Of course, Daniel has no idea that he is Daniel Hayes. He has amnesia and no idea of how he arrived in the water off the coast of Maine. The car is a BMW. The registration says Daniel Hayes. The clothes in the trunk happen to fit. The gun in the glove compartment is a big surprise. With no other options, he starts driving the BMW headed across the country. The registration says California so that is his destination. Is he Daniel Hayes or someone that just washed up on the beach and lucked into a good car with clothes, cash, maps and even a nice Rolex watch. He wonders how he knew the watch was a Rolex and was surprised he liked the taste of the whiskey left in the car. With no other options available at the moment, he decides he will be Daniel Hayes – at least until he finds out something different.

As he tries to retrace his life, he finds many surprises. He has a wife but she is dead. Or is she dead? That is just another story he needs to unravel. As Daniel struggles to make sense of his life, he finds himself right in the middle of a situation that is extremely dangerous but not one that he fully understands. Read the rest of this entry »

The Amateurs by Marcus Sakey

The AmateursReviewed by Patricia Reid

Three guys and a gal call themselves The Thursday Night Drinking Club. Jenn, Alex, Ian and Mitch meet every Thursday night for a few drinks and good conversation including some silly games. However, one Thursday night their conversation turns to a game that is not so silly and very dangerous.

Jenn works for a travel agency. She is single and has no big problems in her life but longs for a little excitement. Alex is a bartender. He is divorced and has a little girl that he is crazy about but has a few problems keeping up his very high child support. Mitch is a doorman at a hotel and is secretly in love with Jenn. Ian is a broker and has made some good money in the past but has fallen into a life of gambling and drugs and is very hard up for money.

When the Thursday conversation turns to money and a chance to make a lot of it each are very interested with the exception of Mitch who has doubts about getting involved. Mitch thinks the plan to rob Alex’s boss is foolhardy but finally consents to be involved because of his feelings for Jenn. Read the rest of this entry »