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The Christmas Scorpion: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child (Kindle Version)

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Christmas ScorpionA very different approach this time by Lee Child as he puts Jack Reacher, everybody’s favorite, in a short story! Much of the concept is typical however as Reacher is heading south (as usual) to be warm for the winter. Strangely enough though, it doesn’t work out that way as the small south California town gets hit with a tremendous snow storm. And that storm forces Reacher to finally seek shelter in a very lonely bar/restaurant where only the owner and two other couples are staying…..also trying to stay warm and out of the snow.

And this is where Child starts building his story. It seems one of the couples explain to Reacher that they are Royal Military Police and they were on their way to the nearby military base (where Reacher had been stationed at one time as a Military Policeman). They were part of a group that not only included a very higher-up in English politics but some other very important people from the United States. The snowstorm had torn up their automobile caravan leaving them far behind the others in the group.

They ask Reacher to use his knowledge and possible contacts at the base to get them assistance and find out if the others in their group had arrived. Right after this discussion started the gentleman from the other couple came over and asked if they could please be considered part of the group so that they could somehow get out of the storm. Read the rest of this entry »

Matchup: The Battle of the Sexes Just Got Thrilling Edited by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

MatchupCompletely different concept. This is a book of eleven short stories written by twenty two different authors. Each story has one male author and one female author. They discuss the story they have in mind. Then they begin working together building this new story. And each story features one of each author’s main characters. Very interesting concept on writing and done very well.

The first is Honor & …… which is a story involving Joe Pickett (C J Box character) and Lee Coburn (Sandra Brown character). They meet up in an interesting fashion in Pickett’s territory (kind of) and have to figure out who and what is going on. Together after they realize that they are both lawmen, they do a great job of getting the job done!

The second story is Footloose with Val McDermid’s Tony Hill as one character and Peter James’s Roy Grace as the other character. This one is a little more difficult to read as it is about a crime in England involving human feet that are found in various places. Lots of English titles and characters.

Next up was Faking a Murderer. This featured Temperance Brennan (Kathy Reichs’ character) teamed with Jack Reacher (Lee Child’s contribution). Reacher as usual interrupts a trip to pal up with Brennan and solve a murder as well as get Brennan out of trouble. Read the rest of this entry »

Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher, No. 11) by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Bad Luck and TroubleA somewhat different concept for Jack Reacher (one of Lee Child’s favorite cop-type folks). Usually Reacher pretty much works alone as he travels the country with no changes of clothes, a travel toothbrush, and little cash but he normally does have his bank info so he can get cash if need be.

He really is in luck this time however as he now has an ATM card but he is completely startled when upon making a withdrawal request he finds he has much more cash than normal in his account. The deposit of $1030 means to Reacher and his MP associates that someone is in trouble. In military jargon 1030 means someone needs help. The deposit was in fact made by Frances Neagley, who had worked with him for over ten years in his army career. She was brilliant, resourceful, tough, and a true right hand to him in his position.

Reacher knows that something is wrong but as he tries tracking her down in Chicago where she used to work he finds that she is currently in LA doing some type of work-related activity. He immediately heads for LA knowing that he can track her down. When he does she tells him that one of their group is not only dead but was thrown from an airplane. The man, Calvin Franz, was one of Reacher’s closest friends in the service. And now Neagley planned to find out who killed him and she knew Reacher would also want that satisfaction.

Reacher had been in charge of a small group of ranger-type investigators of which Neagley was one. On hearing of how Franz died she felt the other eight members of the group should be brought together and do the same type of work they used to do and not only find the killers but the reasons for the murder. Read the rest of this entry »

No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

No Middle NameThis one is not a normal book but is a collection of several novellas and then even more short stories. All of the tales do feature Jack Reacher, who has been the main character in many of Child’s works. No doubt that the title No Middle Name pertains to Jack Reacher. That always comes up in all of the stories that Child writes. Someone invariably asks his name and they cannot get over the fact that he doesn’t have a middle name. Even without a middle name Jack Reacher is a very interesting character. These stories carry that character forward as he makes his trek not only across the United States but even on occasion into Europe.

Reacher is a retired Military Police officer who has a very astute mind when it comes to looking into situations that would probably stymie the minds of most people. Wherever he goes he seems to not only run into things that happen to be at least a bit illegal or scary but then he always seems to also solve the problems or assist in solving them. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Me by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Make MeJack Reacher is on the move. Again and as usual. Ever since he got out of the Army he just wanders. Amazing how he manages to live such an existence but not only does he live but always gets into a new scrape of some kind.

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In Make Me Reacher meets Rachel Chang, private investigator and former FBI agent, as he gets off a train in Mother’s Rest, Oklahoma. He is there because the name of the town intrigued him and she is there searching for her missing investigator partner. The partner has been out of touch for almost a week and she is concerned. Reacher is more concerned about the way certain people in the town watch his every move as he joins Chang in looking for her partner. There appears to be a group of eight or so who are constantly keeping tabs on him and her.

In the partner’s room at the hotel they find a strange note with a phone number and the term “200 deaths” written on it. The phone number connects them to an author/webmaster, who can’t explain any of it but had been talking to the missing man about some strange happenings in Mother’s Rest. The town is a very isolated spot about 40 or so miles from any other town. But it is a railroad stop and it turns out that people seem to come in on the train and then sort of blend into the town’s surroundings.

Reacher and Chang go west and meet up with the webmaster and when the three return they all begin having strange things that occur to them. It seems as though someone does not want them to return to Mother’s Rest nor do they want them to do any more investigating. No one seems to know anything about the missing investigator nor do they want to talk about the town in general.

The “200 deaths” note pulls the three of them more and more into wanting to know more! Child writes in a manner to keep the reader very involved in figuring what is going to happen next. And how he brings the “Master Web” in is very interesting. Another really good Reacher story!

Never Go Back by Lee Child (Review #2)

Never Go BackOne of Lee Child’s favorite main characters, Jack Reacher, is back. And yes he is back in the Army or at least kind of! He had just traveled to Washington D.C. from South Dakota primarily to meet the new commanding officer of the unit Reacher himself had commanded. Primarily he wanted to meet her because her voice over the phone had sounded very interesting when he had spoken with her recently.

But when he gets to the office of the commanding officer it turns out that she is not there, Instead a colonel named Morgan is there. Morgan informs Reacher that Major Susan Turner is no longer in command and that Morgan is. He also informs Reacher that he is in serious trouble because years back Reacher supposedly beat a man almost to death. That man and now the Army are planning to charge Reacher for the episode. Then Morgan immediately announces that based on Reacher’s service and reserve status he is not only back on duty but also under house arrest until the episode is resolved. Read the rest of this entry »

Personal (Jack Reacher) by Lee Child

PersonalReviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is back in the army. Well, sort of. Though this time he isn’t really in the army but he is their most respected weapon of all time. So they “drafted” him back for one job. No he isn’t in uniform and no he has no rank but he has been selected to do something that the top brass figure no one else can do.

One of Reacher’s’ old commanding officers had been given the task of finding Reacher who as usual is doing his thing in wandering all over the U.S. not necessarily under cover but without any way of being tracked down. Read the rest of this entry »

The Affair by Lee Child

theaffairReviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is now a vagabond civilian server to mankind in most of Lee Child’s books. However in The Affair he was still in the Army as a major in the Military Police working mostly as an undercover investigator of all types of crimes. At that time the crimes he was involved with some way or another involved military and especially Army personnel.

His methods and habits may have started there but they have continued throughout many of Child’s thrillers over the last several years. One thing about Reacher he is always on the move. Some other interesting things include the fact that he never has transportation of his own. It is either using his thumb on the highway or occasionally he does have enough money for bus transportation. Read the rest of this entry »

Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, No. 5) by Lee Child

Echo BurningReviewed by Allen Hott

An earlier Jack Reacher story that somehow I missed. However there is no doubt that it is of the same quality as today’s Reacher tales. Lee Child has built this former military policeman into a definite force to be reckoned with by all whom cross his path.

And one of the best things about Reacher is that his path is never ending as it meanders all over the United States. He does seem to stay pretty much below the Mason Dixon line but who knows where he may end up in the near future.

Echo is a small town in south Texas and as Reacher hitchhikes along (his normal mode of travel) he is picked up by a woman named Carmen who appears to be of Mexican descent. During their long drive she begins to pour out her sad story regarding her home life. Reacher as usual listens intently and tries to figure out if she is telling the truth or not. Read the rest of this entry »

The Enemy by Lee Child

The EnemyReviewed by Allen Hott

This is an earlier story about Jack Reacher while he was still a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army. Plenty of action, suspense and with no profanity or outright sex to deal with. There turns out to be some sex issues both with Reacher himself and also with some of the characters of the story. However there are no descriptive passages so a reader can read it much the same as he would read the daily newspaper.

There is typical Lee Child suspense and character thinking or musing as Reacher works to figure out what is really happening all around him. He as one of the top cops on any Army base is suddenly told on December 28th that he is being transferred that day from Panama to a base in North Carolina. No one can explain to him why or what is going on. Read the rest of this entry »