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The Burial Hour (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Burial HourGreat start to another good Lincoln Rhyme story. This time a young girl sees a man grab a man and put him in the trunk of a car. And while doing so the culprit leaves a mini-noose on the ground. The little girl gives it to her mom and the story begins!

Lincoln and Amelia Sachs, his investigating assistant and about to be wife, get dragged into the case right when they are planning on taking a trip to Europe or somewhere to get married! However with Thom, the great assistant-do-everything-guy will be along wherever they go since Lincoln is a paraplegic pretty much confined to a wheelchair.

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First off they have to find not only the culprit but the guy who was kidnapped. Turns out the victim is all trussed up with a specific type noose that is hooked up to a bucket of water. As more water fills the bucket the noose get tighter and tighter. Can they get to him in time?

But this is only the beginning because next that same culprit turns up in Italy and pulls the same type of stunt. Clever, eh what? At least Deaver didn’t have him turn up in India or somewhere that Lincoln and Sachs would have to go and mess up their wedding plans.

However as the story progresses the reader finds out much about this particular criminal. Also the reader finds out especially about his phenomenal ability to hear sounds and particularly musical sounds at least to him. Quickly he is dubbed the Composer and he is becoming a world-wide entity since he posts videos on something like YouTube to show off his victims.

These mysterious kidnappings also somehow seem to get involved with refugees. Italy like many other countries is so overwhelmed with them that one of their politicians says it is The Burial Hour since there are so many of these refugees that they will eventually bury all the true citizens of the country or countries. Read the rest of this entry »

The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Cold MoonMr. Deaver has put a full load into the works this time for Lincoln Rhyme. Rhyme is the paralyzed former New York Police officer now working as a homebound investigator for the NYPD. He works with his female aide, Amelia Sachs, who is still employed by the NYPD and several other aides. Most of their work is centered around Rhyme’s meticulous and very observant style. He uses those assets from his wheelchair while the others patrol the various crime scenes and feed him info as they probe.

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This time he is locked in with the Watchmaker, a very sharp bad guy, who is also deeply into clocks and watches. These he uses in his crimes and usually leaves one of some sort at the scene of the crime.

In the beginning the Watchmaker and his accomplice are targeting a group of people who have a strange sort of relationship. He appears to be killing them, and then after leaving various clues moves on to the next. With the help of Sachs, other investigators, and Kathryn Dance they are able to solve the first Watchmaker case or so they think. Read the rest of this entry »

Solitude Creek (A Kathryn Dance Novel) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Solitude CreekMr. Deaver always writes great stories and this is another. Perhaps the only complaint would be that there are almost too many plots or subplots. The last few chapters had to do a tremendous amount of work to gather together and wrap things up in each particular section.

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Kathryn Dance is a California Bureau of Investigation agent with special skills in kinesics. She is in some trouble as she let a possible killer loose when she didn’t read any bad signs in her interview. She is taken from that case and put on others wherein she is to just watch and advise. No guns allowed either while on duty for some reason. Read the rest of this entry »

The Steel Kiss (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Steel KissDeaver just keeps going, on and on, with great detective stories featuring Lincoln Rhyme and his investigative group. If you haven’t read any of these stories you probably should start further back and work your way up. But if you don’t want to do that this one is a great story by itself. Many, many interesting happenings back to back!

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Rhyme is a “retired” forensic detective with the NYPD. Although retired forced by a horrendous on duty incident which has left him about 95% paralyzed and wheelchair bound. He has recently announced that he is retired and only consults on forensic cases for insurance companies or certain police matters. However every one of his crew is trying hard to get him to return to his normal job. Read the rest of this entry »

The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver (Review #2)

The Skin CollectorReviewed by Patricia Reid

Lincoln Rhyme, the quadriplegic criminalist and his highly trained team are faced with a killer that has studied Rhyme’s methods and has learned how to cover up evidence and leave Rhyme’s team reaching for clues. The killer has located a book about serial killers that includes a chapter written by Lincoln Rhyme on The Bone Collector. The book is where he got his knowledge of how to avoid leaving evidence.

The killer who has been dubbed The Skin Collector tends to work underground and tattoos messages on his victims. However, these tattoos are not the ordinary type the tattoo gun is loaded with poison and the victim dies a horrifying death. Read the rest of this entry »

The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver

The Skin CollectorReviewed by Allen Hott

Devious, forward thinking, and always interesting. That is exactly what describes any book by Jeffery Deaver but especially one involving Lincoln Rhyme. For those of you (if there are any) who are not familiar with Lincoln Rhyme he is a paraplegic former NYC detective who has for some time now worked from his wheelchair as a consultant to the Detective Squad.

Aiding Rhyme in his analysis of unsolved crimes is Amelia Sachs, his right hand and live-in assistant although she is also a lead detective for the police force. He also now has a NYPD patrol officer, Ron Pulaski (known as Rookie to Rhyme) who joined the crew a few books ago.

Their activities in The Skin Collector are initiated by Lon Sellitto who is a lead officer in the Major Crimes Division. Sellitto brings news of a new case in which a woman was found in the basement of a boutique where she worked. The woman appeared to have just recently been tattooed on her stomach but it appears that instead of ink the tattoo artist used poison. Read the rest of this entry »

Trouble in Mind by Jeffery Deaver

Trouble in MindReviewed by Allen Hott

Wow, almost too much to comprehend. Jeffery Deaver has put together twelve short stories that all carry his style, rhythm, and quirky thinking. Normally a reader picks up one of his novels and follows one story line with various plot changes but the same characters and one fantastic ending. But here he has basically developed twelve story lines with a multitude of different characters. There are two Lincoln Rhyme stories (one of Deaver’s favorite characters) and also a Kathryn Dance story and a John Pelham story (a couple more of his favorites). Read the rest of this entry »

Edge: A Novel by Jeffery Deaver

EdgeReviewed by Allen Hott

Edge is where readers are sitting as they read this Jeffery Deaver thriller. A completely different scenario as “Corte” (the only name we know him by) is a shepherd. This is the name given to the government’s caretakers of people who need to be hidden away. Usually they need to be hidden away because they have information pertaining to the government’s case against a particular wrong doer. Shepherds care for the “principal” as he is known or the person with the information that is necessary to make a case against that wrong doer.

The reason for the need of the shepherd is that in many cases the wrong doer finds what is known as a “lifter” who with help tracks down the principal or his family. He then through brutal force convinces the principal not to tell what he knows if and when the government’s case goes to trial. Lifters are paid a handsome reward for doing this handiwork for the bad guys while the shepherd is a government employee who is paid as a government employee. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver

Bodies Left BehindReviewed by Allen Hott

A very interesting novel that involves some crime, some murder, some chases, and a lot of action to keep the reader’s thoughts all the way to the end. That ending is a little different also although part of it could be pretty well guessed as the reader moves along. Some of it is quite different however based on the character’s attitude change.

Brynn McKenzie is a deputy police officer in a northern section of Wisconsin and she is a dedicated to the end officer. After returning home one night from her regular shift Brynn is asked by her supervisor if she would investigate a somewhat strange 911 call that came from Lake Mondae to her north. It appears that the caller was starting to say something that started with “this…” but then the call ended. It was traced to a vacation area up at the lake which was pretty well deserted at this time of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

XO: A Kathryn Dance Novel
by Jeffery Deaver

XO Reviewed by Allen Hott

Quite a story with more twists and turns than a coastal highway! Kayleigh Towne, the daughter of a very well-known country singer, has put together a great career of her own. A beautiful young singer with a head of blonde hair that she had been growing for ten years and four months, she had built quite a following by writing her own songs and singing them well. Though she would prefer to continue her career in a somewhat low key her father, having seen his career begin to fade away, wants Kayleigh to go for broke.

An ongoing series of twitters and emails from one particular fan however has Kayleigh emotionally troubled. Edwin Sharp, the fan, feels that Kayleigh is writing and singing certain songs for him only. He has sent her gifts (which were returned) and attempted to call her. He claims to have received emails and twitters directly from her which she denies. As she prepares for a rather large concert in her home town, Edwin announces that he will make the journey down from his home to be there “for her”.

Kathryn Dance, a California Bureau of Investigation agent and friend of Kayleigh, was going to be at the concert also as she was vacationing in Fresno. Dance, a young widow with two children, was somewhat concerned about her own personal life as it seems to her that her supposed-to-be partner appeared to be moving to San Diego. Read the rest of this entry »