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Most Dangerous Place: A Jack Swyteck Novel by James Grippando

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Most Dangerous PlaceFrom a fairly simple easy beginning this one grows into a tremendous legal battle and finger pointing plus repetitive denials.

Jack Swytek, the legal whiz, is picking up his friend Keith Ingraham at the Miami airport. Along with Keith making the flight from Hong Kong is Isa Bornelli (his wife) and their young daughter. The daughter is the reason for the return as she has some very difficult surgery to be performed which is to help her recapture some amount of hearing since she was born with none.

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However right from the get-go the story line switches from the daughter to the mother as two police officers stop the group as they are leaving the terminal. They place Isa under arrest for the murder of Gabriel Sosa. This murder had taken place many years ago when Isa was in college but even when it had first worked its way up into the Judicial system Isa was never in the States. She lived with Keith who worked as a high powered banker in Hong Kong but they traveled all over the world with his job. So Isa had never been back to the states for any period of time. This time however the Miami-Dade Police Department knew of her arrival (don’t you wonder how??) and they put her into custody. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Horizon (Jack Swyteck Novel) by James Grippando

blackhorizonReviewed by Allen Hott

Black Horizon tells quite a story about not only the oil industry but about relations between Cuba and the United States. And especially right now with all the hub-bub that is going on between the two countries and possible relaxing of past conditions. Grippando uses one of his favorite characters, Jack Swytek, as the main man in this one. Swytek is an investigative lawyer who early on in the book marries Andie Henning the FBI agent that he has been involved with in previous books. And of course Jack has his sidekick, Theo Knight, whom Jack had saved from not only prison but also from wrongful execution in prison.

Shortly after the wedding and honeymoon get started everything gets discombobulated as Andie, after a somewhat startling announcement to Jack, gets called off on one of her secret missions for the government. What seems at the time to also be just a side note is that an explosion on an oil drilling derrick in Cuban waters is without a doubt going to cause a huge oil slick that will shortly hit U.S. soil somewhere around the keys. Read the rest of this entry »