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End Game (Will Robie Series) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

End GameWill Robie and Jessica Reel, two of the top secret agents working for the U.S. government, are in it again. And this time they have to stay in the states and find their immediate superior.

However the book starts out with Robie battling a group of bad guys in Europe and Jessica doing the same in Iraq. Neither one have a problem doing that as it is their training.

But shortly after getting back they are given the information that Roger Walton, known as the Blue Man, their immediate superior is missing. It seems that Walton had gone back to Colorado where he lived for years while he was growing up. This time on his trip back he suddenly disappeared.

The area in Colorado today is pretty much inhabited by ne’er -do- wells. There are neo-Nazis, skinheads, and other slightly different groups of people settled in here. These folks appear to be battling each other but also causing some problems in the area. It hasn’t been enough to put anyone in jail but recently it seems that some folks have come up missing. And among that group of missing persons is Roger Walton!

The local law enforcement consists of a sheriff and a deputy. They do not appear to be too anxious to do anything as long as the laws are not broken. But on hearing of the missing FBI agent they immediately join up with Will and Jessica to help in any way they can. Read the rest of this entry »

The Fix (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The FixAmos Decker, Baldacci’s cop with the unbelievable memory, is walking along the street in front of FBI headquarters in Washington when he watches a man across the street from him walking toward a woman. The man and woman pass each other, and then the man turns and pulls a gun. He fires one round in the back of the woman’s head and Decker takes off across the street pulling his guy and shouting. The man looks at Decker, smiles and then puts the gun under his chin and fires. And with that Walter Dabney, aged 61 and a government contractor is seriously wounded. The lady who is dead is Anne Berkshire an unmarried school teacher who for some reason was killed by Dabney.

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Because of his proximity to the shooting Decker, a special agent with the FBI gets assigned to the case. And as is usually the case in Baldacci’s thrillers it does in fact become quite a case and quite a story with many twists, turns, flips, and flops. Alex Jamison, Decker’s partner and another FBI agent go to the hospital to see if they can talk with Dabney while Decker goes to the morgue to get any info he can on the woman. Read the rest of this entry »

Memory Man (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci (Review #2)

Reviewed by Allen Hott

memorymansmAnother great story from Mr. Baldacci. He really puts together some many things, places, and people into one great story. This has to be one of his best.

Amos Decker is a savant that became one because of an earlier football hit wherein he survived but his mind was completely altered. He had very little feelings left but he had memories galore. He is able to tell people who were around him where and when they were to the exact minute regardless of when they were in fact with him. His memory for the past is completely incredible but also completely accurate. He also has picked up some type of anomaly in that he often remembers numbers as colors and vice versa. This is sometimes a help and sometimes a hindrance. Read the rest of this entry »

Memory Man by David Baldacci (Audio Book) Narrated by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy

Memory ManReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Amos Decker died twice on the football field in his first and last professional game, but was revived both times. As a result, Amos sees numbers as colors, sees people’s moods as colors and literally remembers everything. The remembering everything served him well as a cop until his own family was slaughtered in their home. Amos wasn’t able to recover from his grief and his life quickly slid downhill. Read the rest of this entry »

The Escape (John Puller Series)by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

This time Baldacci is using John Puller as his main character. Over the years he has used several different main characters in his stories about Washington D.C., the military, and the various happenings in those areas. John Puller is a Warrant Officer presently working for the CriThe Escapeminal Investigation Division. His background is extensively military as his father is well known as a general who built quite a reputation for his combat successes.. Over the last several books however his father has been semi-incapacitated due to dementia.

Robert Puller, John’s older brother, is an Air Force officer who is spending his time in the U. S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth Kansas. He was found guilty of some sort of treason activities against the United States. John has never been able to find out exactly what all of that entailed as he was out of the country when the trial was held. No manner of digging has ever allowed him to find out the whole story as higher authority has hidden all information.<!–more–>

Little does that matter right now because John just got word that Robert has escaped from the USDB in a very peculiar way. When John heads to see his father to tell him of this event he meets several high ranking military personnel who have just met with his father hoping to gain some information about Robert and the escape. Neither his father nor John has any idea at all as to how or why this has occurred.

John’s immediate superior grants him leave but tells him to stay out of any type of investigation into the escape. Slightly ignoring that command John does begin to do some preliminary sleuthing to see what he can find out. Very quickly however due to some other developments in national security John is put on the case by powers superior to his own commanding officer.

As John begins looking he finds several strange things have happened. First off a major storm hit the prison that night and strangely enough all the power was lost even though the Army had taken great care to ensure that the backup generators could not ever fail!

Not only was this an almost unbelievable happening but also Robert not only was able to get out and away from his cell but he also left a dead man in his bed!

These events plus the fact that one of the three generals who put John onto the case now has been murdered are just the beginning for one of Baldacci’s longest novels to date.

He brings in suspects, more investigators, more suspects, more murders, and you name it. He has truly built a tremendous story with as many angles and detours as could possibly be thought of by any author at any time.

Quite a story and though it tends to be very long it never drags or bogs down.  Baldacci continually builds up more and more possibilities for any investigator or reader to maul over as being helpful or not. Very great read that holds the reader to the end (and possibly is an intro to the next Puller story!).

The Target (Will Robie Series) by David Baldacci

The TargetReviewed by Allen Hott

The Target’s main characters have moved or grown into today’s world from the days of Mr. Baldacci’s Camel Club. He does specialize in the government’s happenings and especially those of the various defense segments of the Washington arena. In The Target he again uses his new favorite agents. Will Robie and Jessica Reel may be American citizens much like the older crew from the Camel Club but they are much more refined and definitely much more up to date with the latest technology and know-how than the previous characters.
These two spend most of their lives doing the most dangerous assignments that can be handed down by the CIA and sometimes even higher persons in the U.S. government. However on one of their last missions they had actually over fulfilled their goal. During the operation Reel had discovered that two of the top CIA agents actually were turncoats and were going to not only abort the mission but they planned to kill several high level government personnel. Reel with some help from a wounded Robie at the time finished their mission while also killing the two turncoats. Read the rest of this entry »

King and Maxwell by David Baldacci

King and MaxwellReviewed by Allen Hott

Per all the information I have gathered, David Baldacci worked in Washington, D.C. for a number of years as an attorney. However after reading many of his novels I feel that he must somehow have been involved in espionage or counter-espionage or something!

Most of his stories somehow involve some sort of spying, government mismanagement, or something related to the government and all of its intelligence agencies. I am not in any way knocking his strategy because he can really write some interesting tales about our government and especially about the shady things happening in Washington. I suppose he makes up all of these situations but all I can say is he has some vivid imagination or maybe….who knows? Read the rest of this entry »

The Hit by David Baldacci

The Hit Reviewed by Allen Hott

David Baldacci introduced his readers to Will Robie earlier in another story and now he has him on a new mission. In case you missed it, Robie is a top U.S. government assassin who does away with the government’s enemies usually one or so at a time. No, he is not a member of our armed forces although he has been trained as such. Now he works strictly undercover for a special unit that reports pretty much directly to the president. As Robie moves along in this tale he also has contacts with Julie Getty, a young girl who now relies on him for strength and hope. He also reunites with Nichole Vance, an agent for the FBI who has worked alongside Robie in the past.

But Robie in this story meets up with a former female agent that he trained with several years ago. Jessica Reel was one of the best that Robie had ever seen join the group. One of the best overall not just one of the best women! And from what he has heard she has excelled in her assignments since becoming a full time assassin.

However something seems to be amiss as all indications are that on her last assignment she did the unthinkable. The unit’s hits are directed via all types of top of the line electronic communications. And they are basically fail safe! However in Reel’s last case she was given the task of taking out a leader of a Middle Eastern nation that was using his power in a way not accepted by the U.S. Read the rest of this entry »

The Forgotten by David Baldacci

The Forgotten Reviewed by Allen Hott

It appears that Mr. Baldacci has replaced his Camel Club assortment of characters for at least one new recurring character. I say new which isn’t true because Army Special Agent John Puller was first on the scene in Zero Day and Baldacci also introduced a new one (Will Robie) in The Innocent. So perhaps he is only trying to expand his field of characters so that he can build sequences for his readers to enjoy. And they do!

In The Forgotten John Puller is called by his brother who is serving time in a military prison for supposed treason. His brother tells him that their father, a retired Army General, who is in a Veterans Hospital, has received some sort of a troubling letter. The administrators are not sure what is in the letter as the old man who is suffering from dementia and depression will not allow anyone to see it but they felt the family should look into it.

When John gets there the old man shows him the letter which is from John’s aunt (the old man’s sister) and she is upset about some recent happenings in Paradise Florida where she lives. She asked the old man if he would have John come down and use his investigating skills. John tells the old man he will check it out and heads off to visit his aunt. She was his favorite when he was growing up because she always had time for him and would not only listen to him but also give him good advice. Read the rest of this entry »

The Innocent by David Baldacci

The Innocent by David BaldacciReviewed by Allen Hott

Looks like a new leading character for David Baldacci. However he has pretty much maintained the same general location (our nation’s capital area) and same type of plot. Oh yeah he has definitely maintained his style, which without a doubt is one of the best in mystery/political thrillers.

The Innocent is in fact a young girl who has been orphaned when her parents were caught up in a political skirmish brought about by their military involvement from years past. At about the same time that she is trying to find out why it happened to her parents along comes Will Robie who happens to be completely at a loss as to what happened on his most recent assassination attempt. Yes, that’s right. Will Robie is an assassin who works for the United States government. Do you believe that these folks exist? I feel certain that they do and David Baldacci has built a terrific story about one of them.

It just so happens that Robie gets on to a bus to make his getaway from the blown assassination attempt (which also turned out to be the perfect setup for later subplots). While on that bus he manages to save Julie Getty. The fourteen -year old Julie Getty is in fact The Innocent. After Robie saves her from probable death on the bus, the two of them exit the bus and start up the street just as the bus explodes. Read the rest of this entry »