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Murder on the Left Bank (An Aimée Leduc Investigation) by Cara Black

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Murder on the Left BankWhen a dying man shows up in Eric’s offices asking for help to right wrongs of the past by delivering a ledger to authorities, against his better judgment Eric agrees to help. Really his task is pretty simple. He would have his nephew deliver the ledger to the designated person and that would be the extent of his involvement. But from the beginning things go wrong. The nephew was on his way to meet his girlfriend so instead of making the delivery, he hid the ledger and went to meet his girlfriend. They were attacked and the nephew was killed. The room was tossed, but the ledger wasn’t found, Now Eric wants his nephew’s murders found and the notebook delivered.

Aimee Leduc has more than enough to keep her busy between raising her daughter as a single parent and running her private investigation business. After her father’s death, Aimee pledged to stick to cyber crimes and security problems, but when Eric Besson shows up in her office seeking help locating a missing ledger which may contain information that would implicate her now deceased father she is drawn into another dangerous case.
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Murder in Pigalle by Cara Black

Murder in PigalleReviewed by Dianne Woodman

Cara Black has written a well-paced, suspenseful mystery that keeps readers engrossed to the very last page. The author’s exquisite use of sensory details paints vivid pictures of the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris. Seamless inclusion of italicized French words and phrases enhance the perfectly believable setting. The meanings of some terms can be figured out by using context clues; other terms require the use of either a dictionary or online translator. Read the rest of this entry »