Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

flakyI have read many of Diane Mott Davidson’s books and found them to be funny mysteries but Fatally Flaky seems to fall flat. It seems as if the author is trying too hard. Her other books really seemed to flow.

Goldy Schulz is a caterer who is always getting into trouble. Goldy and her best friend Marla are always into some kind of a jam and now she has been hired to do the wedding reception for the biggest bridezilla in Aspen Meadows, Billie Attenborough. Billie has changed the date so many times and now she has added so many more guests that they can’t have the reception at Goldy’s catering hall. When a retired doctor dies who is the best friend to Goldy’s godfather, Jack, and then he suddenly dies as well, Goldy goes to work solving the mystery.

Goldy is married to a police officer and sweet talks him into giving her clues.

Goldy has no problem breaking and entering to solve the case, and even goes undercover to figure out who done it.


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